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As you can see, The Assistant got a much needed facelift. Since my story was in one of Liquid Silver’s collections, I had to go with its predefined cover for the digital version. Once I decided to do POD (print on demand) for both Wicked Magic and The Assistant, I had my cover artist–Dar Albert–create me a new cover. This one, in my opinion, fits my story more.

I’m still in the process of trying to finish up Strange Magic: Book 2 of the Spellbound series. Unfortunately, my muse has been overstressed and uncooperative. I will finish it, and also have other stories in the works.


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The Assistant – Amazon POD

400x 600 HRwickedmagic

Wicked Magic – Amazon POD

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One thing that can be as hard as facing rejection from agents/publishers, is receiving a review from a reader. As a writer, I’m basically an introvert, so when I offer up something that I have kept to myself, it can be a bit scary. Like other writers, I do hope that readers enjoy and understand what I write, but realize not everyone will. What I hope from you dear reader is that you are patient with me in my writing journey. I’ve been on it for years, so I’m always evolving, and improving. Wicked Magic was my first story to get published. Do I think I could have done it better? Of course. Nonetheless, I’m proud of it, because it is in print. I didn’t give up, or listen to people who said it wasn’t possible.

I have been busy trying to adapt to all the changes in my life–moving, a new full time job, life in general–so my writing discipline is not the greatest right now. I am hard at work trying to finish up Book 2, Strange Magic. As I have grown as a writer, and learned from my editors & readers, I expect to progressively get better and better with each new story.

Thanks for reading. Without you, I’d just be writing for myself.

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The last couple of months, well, actually, the last year has been a bit crazy for me. New day job, (2) eBooks, and relocating. Plus, I will be moving again in less than a month. Finally found a house so I can leave the apartment behind. Seven months of a noisy asshole and his terrible offspring. My first and last time in an apartment.

I’m still hard at work on Strange Magic. With any luck, I should get it finished in January. Between balancing work and getting ready to move, been tough to wrap my mind around writing. Too bad, because it is the only time I feel completely normal.

I will also try to be better about my social media, and helping to promote fellow authors on my blog. Not enough hours in the day sometimes.

Happy New Year to you all, and may 2016 be a wonderful and prosperous year for all of us.

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It’s nearly Halloween, my favorite time of year.

KOBO is doing a promo for Halloween. Both my eBooks – Wicked Magic & The Assistant – (and all Liquid Silver Books) are 50% off. Here are the promo codes and dates they are valid:

October 28th – 31st – Canada:  CA50SALE

October 27th – 30th – US/Australia/New Zealand:  GET50SALE

October 30th – Nov 2nd – UK: UK50SALE

Links For:    

The Assistant:      KOBO                  Wicked Magic:   KOBO

Wicked & The Assist

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October is one of my favorite months. I love Halloween and most things paranormal.  Over at
check out the one-liners from various talented paranormal authors and celebrate October with a sexy read.


I will also be hosted at fellow LSB author Christa Maurice’s blog on October 5th for my eBook The Assistant. Don’t forget to enter for your chance to win a copy of my latest story & a GC to Amazon. Head to the Giveaway page to find out how to enter.


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