All posts for the day March 12th, 2015

“Do you trust me?”

Staring up into dark, intense eyes, she found herself unable to respond, nodding instead.

Full, supple lips tipped upward into a broad, seductive grin. “Mm, good.” The low, husky response caused her to shiver in anticipation.

woman blindfold-3After the blindfold was lowered, covering her eyes, she found herself straining to hear, to feel what came next. When the first touch came, she jumped in surprise, a squeaked, “Um,” falling from her lips.

In her mind’s eye, she followed the gentle caress of the teasing hand, moaning her approval when a pleasurable spot was discovered. Her senses heightened, she soon wanted more than soft touches.

“Please.” Came out as a breathy groan, as she raised her body, pressing against the wandering hand.

A slight chuckle. “Soon.” Hand-5

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