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One thing that can be as hard as facing rejection from agents/publishers, is receiving a review from a reader. As a writer, I’m basically an introvert, so when I offer up something that I have kept to myself, it can be a bit scary. Like other writers, I do hope that readers enjoy and understand what I write, but realize not everyone will. What I hope from you dear reader is that you are patient with me in my writing journey. I’ve been on it for years, so I’m always evolving, and improving. Wicked Magic was my first story to get published. Do I think I could have done it better? Of course. Nonetheless, I’m proud of it, because it is in print. I didn’t give up, or listen to people who said it wasn’t possible.

I have been busy trying to adapt to all the changes in my life–moving, a new full time job, life in general–so my writing discipline is not the greatest right now. I am hard at work trying to finish up Book 2, Strange Magic. As I have grown as a writer, and learned from my editors & readers, I expect to progressively get better and better with each new story.

Thanks for reading. Without you, I’d just be writing for myself.

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