All posts for the month December, 2017

Every November, I have good intentions of attempting to finish up the current writing project. The novel to finish is: Strange Magic. I have made some significant progress, but my day job still ends up interfering in the process. It’s even worse this year since I have a new employee at work to train. I have an extra special set of challenges. He doesn’t speak much English or really know how to use the software to do the job he was brought in to do. Frustrating is an understatement. This only makes me long more for the day when I can just write. Rotten money always throws a monkey in the wrench.

I do intend to have a finished third novel in the following year. I have great hopes for 2018. To me, 2017 has been full of too much chaos and challenge.

I should make better progress at the end of the month. Ten whole days off! No limitations, like bedtime. Much easier to write without restrictions.

I can’t whine, I’m not the only writer who has to have a job in order to pay bills and eat. Things happen when they’re supposed to, not when you wish them to happen. Makes you appreciate them more.

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