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I’m about 10,000 – 15,000 words from completion of Strange Magic–well, that’s my best guess anyway. But, as any good writer knows, a story is done when it’s done. I’m mainly aiming for a word count that makes this story novel length, which is minimum 50,000 words. That being said, I’m not making it wordy just to meet that goal. What still needs to be addressed in the story may take it past 50,000 words, if I’m honest.

Progress is slow, but I’m trying to be better motivated. I have a good reason to get the story finished, which I will eventually tell you about. But first, I need to explain a few things.

I will be dealing with Strange Magic in a different way than I wanted since my publisher, Liquid Silver, seems to be focusing their publishing endeavors in a different direction than when I first signed with them. They are an Independent publisher, and must do what is necessary to keep their doors open. I don’t blame them, but it’s kind of the reason I haven’t managed to get this story finished as quickly as originally intended.  At first I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be publishing this story with them, but sometimes what we want to happen, isn’t what’s meant to happen.

I did mean to make Strange Magic part of the Spellbound Series, but it may not happen that way. The truth is, the story can stand on its own. When I first signed Wicked Magic with Liquid Silver, I had only intended to have it as a stand alone story–which it can function as–but I noticed others had their books in a series, with at least (3) books comprising their series. I thought I’d be dumb not to list mine in a series as well, figuring any other story written would have a good chance of being published. I just needed to determine what the other stories would be, and how to connect them, even in a minor way. Then I went back to work full-time, and the time I was used to devoting to my writing, no longer existed. The sad thing is, if I had a month to dedicate to the story, it would likely be done. Other writers have worked jobs and managed to get their writing done, so I don’t have an excuse.

So, back to my intended reason for writing this post tonight. To get my writing butt in gear, I entered Strange Magic in the annual writing contest for PNWA (Pacific Northwest Writer’s Assoc), of which I’m a member. With the help of a work colleague, I managed to get the awful Synopsis written to go with the first (27) pages. It will be critiqued by an agent and an editor, beside being eligible for placement in the contest. I’m actually hoping for an offer of interest as opposed to winning–although that would be cool too.

It will be Summertime before I know the results of the contest, or receive my (2) critiques. My worry is someone could express an interest in the manuscript, and I won’t have it finished. I will make sure that doesn’t happen one way or another.

If worse comes to worse, and I have to self-publish Strange Magic, I will. Having a publisher behind you is nicer, because they take care of editing and distributing. If I have to do it myself, I do have a few people to help me edit, and I will have Dar Albert do the cover–she does awesome work. Doing it myself, I would only end up putting this story on Amazon, iBooks, and Google Play.

Well, I will keep you posted.

I do need to do some maintenance on my webpage. Some links have changed and I need to fix them. I will try to be better about making time to blog as well. I am also considering another giveaway.

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