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I want to welcome Roslyn Bane to my blog. Her new release, Time for Terri, (Available October 5th, 2015), is the first book in her Smoky Mountain Romance series.

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One woman has given up on love. One is trying to find her place in a new town. When their lives collide, they must find a way to put their pasts behind them and learn to trust and love again. Time for Terri is a great beginning to Roslyn Bane’s new contemporary romance series, Smoky Mountain Romance.

Terri Greene is a professional photographer who travels the world but calls the small town of Bryson City, NC home. She has made a nice life for herself and kept her painful past deeply buried. She has a reputation for being friendly but elusive. She hammered her heart shut years ago and has long since given up hope for a loving relationship.

Sheila McDevitt, a new arrival to town, has opened a veterinary practice and is determined to succeed in this close-knit community. Viewed as an outsider, she struggles to grow her practice. Unfinished business from her past causes difficulties with her current plans.

When these two women’s lives intersect the changes are unforeseeable. As trust grows and inner demons are tamed, can they see past their own busy professional lives and find success in the part of life that matters most.



Terri accelerated the bike smoothly, when Sheila tightened her grip she was able to suppress her groan but not the quiver in her abdomen. The air was starting to chill as the sun drifted lower in the sky, long shadows crossing the road. She felt Sheila shiver. “Move close to me to stay warm. Let me know if you get too cold.” A moment later she felt Sheila lean into her, hold on tighter. Over the next twenty minutes she felt her occasionally squirm, felt her legs press slightly tighter around her own hips. Thirty minutes later they made the turn the turn to Terri’s house. “Hold on tight it’s really bumpy.” Terri drove the bike confidently up the steep bumpy road. Finally it leveled and she turned into her driveway. Stopping the bike she turned it off. Waited while Sheila got off, removed her helmet. She then swung off, and quickly removed her helmet. “Are you warm enough?”

“Yes. Now that the wind stopped. I’m fine.”

“Good.” She pulled Sheila towards her in a fierce, passionate kiss that had both of them breathless quickly. Lust raced through her body and her heart pounded. She tightened her arms around Sheila’s waist. Heard her own groan.

Sheila returned the kiss with fervent passion, her hands ran across the stiff leather. She desperately wanted to feel flesh. The kiss broke, Sheila nearly staggered. Terri took her hand pulled her to the porch. She backed Sheila up against the door frame, held her hands held above her head as their mouths met again.


Author Interview:

1. How much of “you” do you put in your stories?

My female characters share a few things with me. In this book the one character is a photographer, and I dabble in photography. Both are independent and stubborn. Usually are hobbies are similar.

2. What is your writing routine?

After getting settled for the evening I get into comfortable clothes, the bra must be off or the words don’t appear. I don’t know why the girls have to be free, they just do. I stopped fighting it months ago. I have a electric foot massager under the desk that I turn on when I get stuck or if my feet get to cold. A big glass of ice water is close by and a jar of skittles or jelly beans. In the winter a cup of spiked hot cocoa is my writing companion.

3. Where do you get your ideas?

Literally they just pop into my head. Sometimes its from a news story, other times its from people watching, or snippets of overheard conversations at the kids sporting events. The idea for this story came from a book under development that had hit a major roadblock. I pulled the character Terri out of it and very quickly her story came to life.

4. Do you write full-time or do you have a day job?

I work fulltime in medicine as a midlevel provider. Most of my career has been in orthopedics. Unfortunately this leaves me to write in the late evening hours only.

5. What else are you working on?

I have three books in various stages of development. Book 2 in the Smoky Mountain Romance series features a secondary character introduced in Time For Terri. I am working on the first book in another contemporary series, this time with a M/F couple set in Virginia. I am in the research stage for a story involving a female war veteran.


Author Bio:

Roslyn Bane wrote poetry and short stories in high school which remained largely unseen except by her closest friends. She grew up in Maryland and has lived in the Florida panhandle, coastal Virginia and Wisconsin.

She now lives near York, Pennsylvania with her family and two lovable labs.

She spends her free time in the outdoors enjoying photography, swimming, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking and downhill skiing. A voracious reader, she enjoys books from many genres. She has a weakness for chocolate and fresh cookies. She loves the smell of rain in the woods, and watching the night sky. The inspiration for, her stories comes from daily life, hobbies, her love of the outdoors, and people watching.

She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Central Pennsylvania Romance Writers, Passionate Ink, and Rainbow Romance Writers.

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I want to welcome Olivia Night to my blog. Her new release, Seduction In Sierra Leone, is the first book in her action packed, romantic suspense series, The Men of FTI.



In the mangroves of Sierra Leone, two strangers raised a world apart find themselves inextricably connected. Seduction in Sierra Leone, the first in a series of three novels, is a fast-paced tale of murder, lust, and love that transports the reader to a foreign and mysterious world of danger.

Aislinn Salameh, an American relief worker, is searching for purpose in her self- imposed lonely world. The stranger who enters her village on a blistering hot day looks more animal than man. She knows she should stay far away but can’t stop herself from being drawn to the mysterious man.

Brandt Fairlane is a man haunted by the sins of his past. Detached from others, Brandt has spent his life alone. His line of work is too dangerous for the luxuries of love and family.

When Brandt sees Aislinn and her haunting eyes, he knows he must possess her. But when Brandt’s past comes back from the dead and Aislinn is caught in the crossfire, it is up to him to keep her safe. In order to survive, they must learn to rely on one another. As they run for their lives, the heat between them becomes undeniable. Now, Brandt must not only protect Aislinn from a madman committed to stealing her away but he also must protect her from himself. Because if Brandt steals her body and her heart, he’ll never let her go.



As he got closer to her, he realized there was something different about her eyes. He was a few feet away when he realized what it was. With the realization all oxygen left his body in a rush. It felt as if he had been punched in the gut. His heart stuttered. Shit, it did something weird at the sight of her. The woman’s eyes were…? He couldn’t think of word that would fit. And then it struck him. They were haunting, the color of a cucumber slice. Not the skin of the cucumber but inside. A pale, shivering light green. Her eyes widened as she realized he was looking at her. He could see, even from the distance, a small blush creeping up her cheeks at being caught staring. She was beautiful. All smooth pale skin and green eyes. He felt his dick jump. He almost looked down. It had been a long time since he had thought about his dick. And it was another man’s woman who was making him all too aware of it.

He felt heat course through him. Her tiny body had been placed purposefully behind the taller man. But Brandt could still make out her smooth legs and accommodating hips, accommodating as in she could spread those lush legs and accommodate his body between them. She was no doubt the man’s girlfriend, and here Brandt was thinking things that only a boyfriend should be allowed to think. Shocked at his own thoughts, he attempted to look away, but in the end, it was like pulling strips of Velcro away from each other. He wanted to close the distance between them, place his hands on the other man’s neck, twist, feel the snap, and watch the man drop to the ground. Then he would curl his fingers around the women’s neck, bring her to him, and angle her head so that he could kiss her. He shook his head like a man in a proverbial cartoon trying to expel the foreign thoughts and images. Envious. He was feeling envious of a man he didn’t know and a woman he had barely glimpsed. It was wholly inappropriate. He’d kill another man for thinking of his woman that way. Well, if he had a woman. Like the one he was staring at.

Fuck, he had to get a grip. For Christ’s sake, he was mooning over her like a teenage boy. Giving himself a mental ass-kicking, he averted his eyes and greeted Brima. He began to walk up the path to Brima’s home. But, as he walked, a magical sound floated over to his ears. She was laughing. His skin tingled at the musical note. His body tightened. Fury rose inside of him, a feeling he wasn’t expecting, a feeling that surprised him. She was laughing at the man who had been standing in front of her. Hatred for the unknown man charged through him like a herd of wild horses. Was he screwing her? His stance had been clear; it had said mine. Brandt wanted to eliminate the man, the threat. Bile rose at the idea of her lying beneath that man. Brandt realized he wasn’t envious. He was jealous. He had never been jealous. It was a useless emotion, and it got people killed in his line of work. If you wanted what someone else had, you simply took it. Jealousy could slow a man down. But he was. He was jealous. It screamed inside of him to move quickly, to take her from the man who was really just a baby. To make her his. To tie her to him in every way possible until she admitted that she was his. He wanted to mark her as his, use his teeth to mark her neck, her breasts, her stomach, the insides of her thighs. His. Fuck.

He had to stay far away from this woman. No woman needed a man like him. No woman deserved a man like him, one who would want to own her. He wasn’t one for laughter and cuddling. Puppy shit. Women wanted puppy shit. This woman, whoever she was, deserved more than Brandt could ever give. Brandt had to stay the fuck away from her. Because he didn’t give up what he made his.


Author Interview:

 1.  How much of “you” do you put in your stories?

Most of the female characters share a few characteristics with me. All three ladies in my Men of FTI series mention Dean Winchester (in book two and three I kind of made like a literary “Where’s Waldo”) and they are all a bit spunky. In my second series, as of yet untitled, there is one character that has decided to share more than a few of my traits. I will leave which one a secret.

2.  Where do you get your ideas?

The idea and characters for my first book quite literally popped into my head one night when I couldn’t sleep. As I wrote the book two other characters came forward and I began to write their stories down.

The idea for my second series, book one, came to me while I was cleaning and listening to Billy Joel’s And So It Goes. The song is incredibly sad and it made me ponder real loss and how painful that is. The characters who had experienced this kind of loss came to me and I sat down immediately and wrote down as much as I could. As I wrote those first thirty pages three others ladies with loss in their past came forward and they will have books too.

3.  Do you write full-time or do you have a day job?

I have a full time job that is incredibly fulfilling, but leaves me with very little time to write when I am at home. Therefore, my insomnia is a blessing in disguise.

4.  What else are you working on?

I’m working on a few things. I am finishing up Book 2- Seduction in Seville and am halfway through Book 3- Seduction in Scotland. I also am working on a second series (currently untitled which will be a four book series. I have written about thirty pages of book one in that and have jumped forward to book four and have that one pretty much outlined (partly in my head, partly on paper and partly on my iphone notes app). I can’t wait to get all of these stories out on paper. I have this fear I will lose them somewhere in the recesses of my mind if I don’t. The second book series will take place in Asheville, N.C. and starts with a tale of love and loss that makes even me feel sad for what the characters have gone through.

5.  Who is your favorite author and why?

It’s a toss up between Suzanne Brockmann and Kristen Ashley. They both are amazing at creating characters that jump off of the page at you. The stories of the characters are often woven through several books so you become really attached and invested in them. Kristen Ashley has this way of explaining incredibly subtle nuisances of relationships that people, when they read it, will recognize that they have felt the same thing or thought the same thought, but never verbalized it. It’s great and it makes the reader relate to the characters on a different level.


Author Bio:

Olivia Night, a fictional character herself, has always been an avid reader and writer. She found the romance genre in college and has never been able to get enough. One sleepless night, the main characters of Book One in her Seduction series sprang from her head fully formed. They demanded she tell their story; so she did. As they revealed themselves, so did two other intriguing characters. Those characters convinced her to give them their own books because their stories were worth telling too. And so Olivia suddenly became a romance author. When Olivia is not writing, she has the best job in the world, which, too, will remain a secret. In her free time, she reads, write, runs, or is, most likely, out emulating Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Olivia lives in one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the U.S.—Baltimore. She lives with her cat, which she is convinced was a gladiator in his past life. Olivia plans to continue being awesome at this thing called life. Really, that’s her only goal.


Connect with Olivia:



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I want to welcome Tess Delacour back to my blog. Her new release,

Hello, Goodbye, is the second book in her romantic suspense series, The Murphys.



Mr. Push Pull is about to meet Ms. Irresistible Force.  The result?  Explosive!

Ryan Murphy and Jenn Kowalski were made for each other.  Convincing him of this may take some persuasion. She’s a no nonsense girl who doesn’t believe in tiptoeing her way through life.  He’s a damaged man who can’t trust a woman.  Can she pull him in before he pushes her away?


Jennifer Kowalski watched her best friend, Kate Shaw—now Kate Murphy—dance with her new husband, Daniel. It was the traditional first dance, and the bride and groom had eyes only for each other. The song ended and the band requested the wedding party join in the next dance. Jenn looked around for Ryan Murphy, best man and her counterpart at this shindig. She located him leaning lazily against the bar, nursing a beer. She stared at him across the room and her body tingled from head to toe. Ooo la la. The man was gorgeous in a tux. She wondered what he looked like underneath those clothes.

Many a late night fantasy featured him in a whole lot of nothing. He was well over six feet, maybe six-three. She was tall at five-ten and not many men towered over her, but Ryan made her feel petite. He wore his coal-black hair cut super short and it looked soft and glossy. She fantasized about raking her fingers through those silky strands. He had dark brown eyes; so dark they looked almost black. The retinas and irises blended into one, giving him a mysterious air, like they were hiding secrets. His face was square- shaped, with a strong angular jaw. He didn’t smile often but when he did a dimple appeared on each cheek making him appear less menacing. She wondered why he always looked aloof and remote. Life was too short to live guarded all the time. He had a strong muscular build and it was obvious he worked out. She knew he’d played football in high school and college. It seemed he worked at staying in shape since those days, no going to gut for this guy.

He wasn’t moving away from the bar toward the dance floor on his own. Guess she’d have to strong-arm him into this. Well, she was the maid of honor and it was her job to make this the perfect day for Kate. She walked toward the disobedient best man, held out her hand, and gave him a big smile.

“Come with me. I promise it will be painless.” He scrutinized her from head to toe, but otherwise didn’t move a muscle. “Come on, Murphy. Get the lead out.”

With a frown, he took a slug of the Killian’s bottle he held. “I was assured I would not have to dance at this wedding. I hate dancing. I suck at it.”

“Tough shit. You’re the best man. It’s part of your job. The speech and the dance, that’s all you’re required to do.”

A lascivious smile spread across his face. “I got to plan the bachelor party, too. You want to hear about that?”

“No, thank you. I’ll pass. Come on, man up and get over it.” She grabbed his hand and started walking, dragging him behind her. “It’s a slow song. All you have to do is put your hands around my waist and sway. How hard can that be?” He put the brakes on and dug his heels into the floor. “Are you coming willingly or do I have to get your mother involved? You really want Nora dragging your ass out there?”

A pained look crossed his face. “You’re mean. When you put it that way, I guess I have no choice but to handle it. Let’s get this over with.”

She pulled him toward the center of the floor where the other couples were already dancing. He slid his hands around her hips and his palms glided over her ass. She cocked one eyebrow up at him but didn’t say a word. She snaked her arms up around his neck and they swayed side to side.

“This isn’t bad,” he said in a low drawl as he squeezed her butt.

“Seriously? You’re going there?”

“Why not? If I gotta suffer you should, too.”

Jenn was feeling many things but suffering was not one of them. She’d had a juvenile middle school girl crush on this man since she’d met him the previous year at Kate’s house. They’d watched a football game and argued over referee calls. She’d been right about a penalty, and he’d had a hard time accepting she might know as much about football as he did. They’d run into each other a few times during the wedding planning, but nothing had come of their encounters. Jenn wouldn’t mind going out with Ryan. The zing of attraction flew between them and he seemed a likable guy.

They had a lot in common, including their jobs. They were both lawyers at the District Attorney’s Office, although in different sections. Their work paths seldom crossed. To her chagrin he hadn’t taken the bait she’d dangled. She let him rock her side to side, and enjoyed the feel of a strong man’s arms wrapped around her. He smelled incredible. She caught a whiff of cologne, but she couldn’t tell where it left off and his own scent began. It was a woody, earthy smell, and reminded her of sunny days spent outdoors. Their bodies pressed closer together as they danced, and his heat soaked through her dress, loosening her muscles until she felt like she’d melt in a puddle at his feet. Muscles rippled under her fingers and she inhaled sharply. His scent and warmth held her captive.


Ryan loathed dancing. He felt like a big lummox stomping around on the dance floor. His brother, the groom, had promised him he could pass on the chore. Of course, Jenn Kowalski never got the memo.

If he hadn’t come out, his mom and sister Megan would’ve been all over him. Megan was dancing with Dan’s police partner Zach, and his parents were the other couple on the floor. To his utter shock it wasn’t too bad. Jenn was a beautiful woman and he was enjoying her indignation at his hands on her butt, a very fine butt. He chuckled to himself and she eyed him warily. The woman was tall. It was kind of nice not feeling like the Jolly Green Giant with a girl for a change, and it didn’t hurt that she was gorgeous. Her long auburn hair and hazel eyes were striking. She didn’t have much in the way of curves, but her long slender body felt nice pressed up against him. He knew she was athletic and into sports but this was the first time he’d had his hands on her. She felt good beneath his palms, lean but soft at the same time. He pulled her closer and his own body came alive. She had a killer smile and flashed it all the time. He looked at her face and that smile washed over him, filling him with happiness. That was a feeling he’d lost touch with the last few years.

He’d almost asked her out after the first time they’d met at Kate’s place. They’d clicked that day, arguing over football calls and sipping the Oktoberfest beer she’d brought to the party. It had been fun flirting and exchanging barbs with her. He’d changed his mind, though. The only women he spent time with these days were ones he never spent more than a night with, scratching an itch, and those encounters were few and far between. He’d pulled back from attempting relationships after Diana. Being jilted at the altar did that to a guy. It had been a long time since that hellacious day, but he still couldn’t shake it. He knew he was bitter. Every time he considered asking someone out his mind went back to that horrible time. Women couldn’t be trusted. They were all after something. Be it money, status, career advancement, or God knew what else. Jenn Kowalski was not a one-night stand kind of gal and diddling his new sister-in-law’s BFF was a bad idea. Wonder what she was after? She was a lawyer after all. Maybe she was looking for a guy to step on as she climbed the career ladder. He had no desire to find out what her game was.

He inhaled and caught a hint of perfume. She smelled delectable. He leaned in closer and gave her hair a sniff. Mmmm. Leaving one hand on that mouth watering ass, he stroked the other up her back until his palm met silky skin. Her hair cascaded over the back of his hand in a slow slide. The dress was getting his motor running, too. It was a pink, strapless number with a high slit up the thigh. It showcased those mile-long legs of hers and made him wonder what it would feel like to have them wrapped around his waist while he thrust into her. Whoa, cowboy, time to pull back on those thoughts. He did not need a hard-on while dancing with the maid of honor.


What the hell was happening here? Ryan pulled her closer to him as they moved with the music. His fingers were stroking lazy circles on the skin above her dress and it felt divine. That was a definite erection popping out to greet her. He nuzzled her hair and if she wasn’t mistaken…inhaled. Hmmm, interesting development. If memory served, those were signs of interest. She wound her arms tighter around his neck and rested her chin against his shoulder.

“What’s the name of your perfume?” he whispered in her ear. She glanced at him in surprise and smiled.


“It smells good.” Heat flowed through her veins like lava. She felt like she’d been drugged. What was happening to her? The song ended and he escorted her off the dance floor. They walked toward the bar side by side.

“Can I buy you a beer, Ryan?”

“It’s an open bar, Jenn.” He chuckled.

“I know.” She gave him a flirty grin. He ordered them each a Fat Tire and handed her the beer. “To the bride and groom.” He clinked her bottle with his.

“To dancing with the hottest guy in the room,” she toasted him back.
His eyes narrowed but he didn’t say anything. Jenn was hoping he’d take the lead and ask her out. He wasn’t getting the hint, however. Jiminy Crickets, guess she had to do everything. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. “Ryan, would you like to maybe go out sometime? In a dating capacity, I mean.”

A frown marred his face and he looked surprised at her invitation. He leaned in close along side her ear and murmured, “I don’t think so, Jenn. That would be a huge mistake. You’re not the kind of girl I go for these days. Sorry.” He walked past her and made a beeline for the head table.

Oh. My. God. She felt her face flame red. How humiliated could she be? He’d shown definite signs of interest. He’d run his hands all over her backside. She had not imagined that erection. What the hell? What a jerk! Talk about mixed signals. She wasn’t good enough for him? Was that what the crack about not being ‘his kind of girl’ meant? Her face burned in mortification as she made her way to the bathroom.

Kate was walking in the same direction ahead of her. It would be tough to use the facilities with that gown in the way. “Do you need help with your dress, hun? I can hold it up for you.”

“It’s okay, I think I’ve got it.” Kate turned as they entered the bathroom and saw the look on Jenn’s face. “What’s the matter? You look like you’re on the verge of tears.”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Tell me now,” she demanded.

Jenn heaved out a sigh and confessed. “I asked Ryan out. We were slow dancing and I thought there was something between us. He shut me down. It took me by surprise, but I’ll recover.”

“Oh, Jenn. He’s been an ass since the business with his ex. I’m sorry.”

She gave Kate a huge smile and shook it off. “No worries. Forget about it. Time to get the bride taken care of and on the road to that honeymoon. Come on, I’ll help you with your dress. Don’t argue.” Kate hugged her tight and it helped, but she still couldn’t shake the feeling of complete humiliation at Ryan’s rejection.


Author Interview:

1.  What about Hello, Goodbye are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the developed characters in Hello, Goodbye.  I like writing kick-ass heroines and Jenn is definitely a strong female.  She doesn’t take crap off of anyone and doesn’t need a man to “save” her.

2.  Tell me what you really like about Ryan Murphy.

Ryan is kind of a jerk at the beginning of the book, but you understand why.  The fact he’s so deeply affected by being jilted at the altar shows us how sensitive he is.

3.  Tell me a little bit about Jenn Kowalski. Why is she good for Ryan?

Jenn is a positive, outgoing woman.  She is exactly who Ryan needs to bring him back to the land of the living.

4.  How much of “you” do you put in your stories?

It depends on the story.  In my first book, Play It Again, Dan, the heroine was a carbon copy of me.  Her profession, appearance, mannerisms, are all me.  In Hello, Goodbye, Jenn is my polar opposite.  She’s tall, athletic and very outgoing.  I had fun writing her because I got to live vicariously through her personality.

5.  What else are you working on?

My third book, Only Trust Your Heart, is due out in late September.  It continues The Murphys series with Megan and Zach’s story.  For my next book I decided to mix things up a bit and started a new series set in my hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia.  It’s a longer, darker romantic suspense story about a newspaper reporter and detective.  They attended the same Catholic grade school and their former classmates are turning up dead.  They join forces to solve a mystery.


Author Bio:

Contemporary romance author Tess Delacour writes fiction that will ignite your mind as well as your body.  She fell in love with the genre as a young girl after reading Pride and Prejudice.  Hooked by the ‘happily ever after’, romance fiction has been a lifelong obsession.  She calls her writing ‘sexy modern romance with a dose of fun and humor’.  She attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for undergrad and law school, and currently resides in rural Virginia with her family and dog.

She is a member or Romance Writers of America and Virginia Romance Writers.


Connect with Tess:


Buy the eBook:




Also Available by Tess:



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I want to welcome Annette Mardis to my blog today. Her new romantic suspense novel, Shore to Please, is the third book in her Gulf Shore series.



Tara Langley thought she’d found the love of her life, but he betrayed her with another woman. So she buried herself in her mission: convincing Gulf Shore Aquarium that dolphins and whales belong in the wild, not in artificial pools.

If Tara had her way, Paul “Flipper” O’Riley would lose the job he loves. Flipper is the head dolphin trainer, and the aquarium’s dolphins are his babies. While he’s open to having a real family one day, Tara is the last person he would choose to be his wife and the mother of his children.

These two should be sworn enemies, after all. He certainly swears at the sight of her. And his surfer-dude looks and lover-boy reputation aren’t exactly what Ms. Prim and Tidy had in mind when she pictured her ideal man.

But in the age-old way of opposites attracting, Tara and Flipper find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. There’s no possible way a relationship between them could work, right?

As the two try to find common ground amid the quicksand, Flipper and his coworkers become the targets of an increasingly more menacing campaign to force the aquarium to release the dolphins under its care. Will Gulf Shore Police Detective Joanna Tompkins catch the culprit before it’s too late?


Paul “Flipper” O’Riley backed away from the note as if he expected it to somehow lunge at his throat. The outrage, disgust, and, yes, he’d admit it, fear he felt at reading the vile threats composed on the single page of common white printer paper had his stomach roiling ominously.

The letters of each word had been cut from what looked like a glossy magazine and glued on like a ransom note from a classic crime drama. If the message hadn’t been so loathsome, Flipper might’ve laughed at how cartoonish it looked.

But the warning had been nailed to the front door of the cottage he rented across the street from the beach, and that in itself represented an alarming development. It meant, of course, that the animal rights crusaders who’d been hounding Flipper’s employer now knew where he lived.

With a hand he fought to keep from shaking, he drew his cell phone out of the case attached to his belt, scrolled through his contacts, and pressed a familiar number. It rang several times before the person on the other end answered with an impatient huff.

“Jo?” Flipper asked. “Is that you?”

“No, it’s the queen of England. What do you want?”

Joanna Tompkins’ characteristic grumpiness and brusque manner usually amused him, but Flipper wasn’t in the mood for her tough-chick act right now.

“I’ve got something here at my place that you need to see. Can you come over?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, Fish Brain? Even if you show me yours, I’m not going to show you mine. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” She gave a chuckle that he didn’t appreciate, given the circumstances.

“Hilarious, but I’m serious. Another of those nasty notes came, and this one’s even more personal than the others.”

Jo’s tone immediately changed into her no-nonsense cop voice. “It mentioned you specifically by name?”

“No, but it’s nailed to my front door.”

“At your cottage?” She sounded even more concerned now.


“Don’t touch it. I’ll be right over with a tech to dust for fingerprints.”

“I know the drill. I’m hanging up now and calling Kenshin.”

“See if he can meet me at your place. That’ll save me a trip to the aquarium.”


“And if you’re still on your doorstep, haul your happy ass inside right now and lock the door until I get there.”


“Did you call me for help or not?”

“All right, all right. You’re the boss.”

“And don’t you forget it.”

Wary now, Flipper looked around before doing as she ordered. Then he called his boss, Kenshin Hamasaki, supervisor of marine mammals at Gulf Shore Aquarium, and filled him in. Kenshin promised to drop what he was doing and be right over.

Flipper surveyed his cozy living room—with its bland, impersonal furnishings straight from the rental property decorators’ manual—and then moved to his front windows to fully close the mini blinds. He wasn’t too proud to acknowledge Jo’s admonition had freaked him out, and he was too antsy to sit. Not that he’d feel safe settling onto either the loveseat or his favorite recliner, both near windows. He yanked his hand through his hair, annoyed with himself for letting the situation unsettle him and pissed off at whoever was disrupting his life this way.

Who would’ve thought being a dolphin trainer carried such potential for danger?

Author Interview:

1.  Who is your favorite writer, and how has he or she influenced your writing?

Choosing just one is like trying to eat just one cashew, so I have a number of favorites. I’ve learned a lot about pacing, character and plot development, and dialogue from authors like Susan Mallery, Julia London, Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts, Jill Shalvis, Susan Wiggs, Kristan Higgins, Kristin Hannah, and Debra Salonen. I also like the writing of Diane Hammond.

2.  Where do you get your ideas?

I’m a firm believer in “writing what you know.” I’m also a native Floridian, a veteran newspaper journalist, and a volunteer at a marine animal rescue and rehab center. That’s why my Gulf Shore series is set in a fictional west-central Florida beach town, much of the action takes place at the local aquarium, and the staff there also rescues dolphins, small whales, turtles, and other marine animals. And in Shore to Please I introduce a new character, a reporter at the local newspaper. I’m most definitely not writing about Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where I volunteer, but I’ve learned a lot about animal care and aquarium operations in general. I’ve loved dolphins ever since I was a child, and my interest has only grown in recent years. I’ve been very fortunate to spend time observing the dolphins who star in the Dolphin Tale films.

3.  Do you have a special routine you follow when writing?

I work on my laptop and sit on the couch next to my African gray parrot’s cage. My two dogs are in the room, too. I like to think of them as my “writing assistants.” They’re not much help, but they’re awfully cute. The three of them have supporting roles in my books.

4.  What about Shore to Please are you most proud of?

It’s longer and more involved than any book I’ve written. I’ve also added the suspense element in this novel. Plus, I’m happy to be able to continue the story lines from the first two books. As a reader, I love to reconnect with favorite characters as a series goes along. So I’ve made sure to keep my readers up-to-date with the men, women, and animals from The Shore Thing and Shore Feels Right.

5.  Tell me what you really like about Paul “Flipper” O’Riley.

I love funny people who don’t take themselves too seriously, and Flipper definitely has a sense of humor and a playful side. He’s well aware of his popularity with women, but he’s not full of himself. He’s a hard worker, and he loves dolphins even more than I do. While he has a bit of a temper, it usually flares when he’s protecting or defending someone or something close to him. He’s a good friend and, despite his reputation as a player, he’s a faithful, considerate boyfriend. He’s not perfect, but he’s the kind of man anyone would want as a friend and any woman would want as a lover.

6.  What else are you working on?

I’m in the early stages of writing Shore is Magical, the next book in the Gulf Shore series. Flipper’s boss, Kenshin Hamasaki, will meet his match, and she’ll be unlike any female character I’ve ever written. It’s my first try at writing a paranormal romance, and I’m definitely up for the challenge. I also have a middle grade children’s novel that I’m reworking after setting it aside for a while.


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I want to welcome Tess Delacour to my blog. Her new release,

Play It Again, Dan, is the first book in her romantic suspense series.





















The moment Detective Daniel Murphy waltzes into The Dubliner Irish Pub, he knows it is going to be a good night. Music, beer, and sex are the three best reasons for living in his opinion. The first two were satisfied upon entry and the third looks promising if the singer on the stage is cooperative. Little does he know that the woman he’s about to meet, the very one he’s been admiring, will change his life forever. She’s picked up a nasty stalker and Dan is the cop assigned to her case. Lucky him.

Assistant District Attorney Kate Shaw’s first encounter with Detective Murphy consists of him ogling her backside and bossing her around. Not a stellar start. She’s carrying a boatload of childhood baggage from a youth spent in foster care and believes she is unable to make an emotional connection with the opposite sex. Men are more trouble than they’re worth and life with her music, work, and cat are plenty to satisfy.

They attempt to work together to nail Kate’s stalker but the bad guy has other ideas. Can Dan protect Kate from the threat and convince her they are for keeps? He’s a man who gets what he wants. In this case that’s the bad guy as well as the girl.



Contemporary romance author Tess Delacour writes fiction that will ignite your mind as well as your body.  She fell in love with the genre as a young girl after reading Pride and Prejudice.  Hooked by the ‘happily ever after’, romance fiction has been a lifelong obsession.  She calls her writing ‘sexy modern romance with a dose of fun and humor’.  She attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for undergrad and law school, and currently resides in rural Virginia with her family and dog.

She is a member or Romance Writers of America and Virginia Romance Writers.


Author Interview: 

1.  What is your favorite genre to read/write?

I love to read all genres of romance. I seem to go through phases. I have a fondness for series books. I guess I don’t like to let go of characters I’ve connected with and I want to know more about them. Lately, I’ve been addicted to paranormal and shifter stories.

I like to write contemporary romance. Real stories about real people are what intrigue me. These are folks you can identify with, regular people struggling with life and relationships. Since I love to read series romance that is what I write. The characters we come to love pop up in the future books as secondary characters. I suppose I love them all and can’t let go.

2.  When did you decide you wanted to write?

My stories have been in my head as long as I’ve been alive. I kept the equivalent of a diary all through elementary and middle school, but wrote stories instead of documenting my daily activity.   It wasn’t until the last few years that I seriously considered submitting my work to a publisher. Fear of rejection kept me from taking the leap. I regret not doing it sooner.

3.  Where do you get your ideas?

I write about what I know and have experienced myself. Things in the news pop up and give me ideas; truth is stranger than fiction at times. I also have vivid dreams and frequently ideas come to me that way. Long quiet walks stimulate my muse, as well as driving in the car with no music. I think our world is a nonstop barrage of stimulation and if you can quiet all that noise your creativity has a chance to bloom.

4.  Do you have a special routine you follow when writing?

I’m a busy wife and mom, and my routine is not always written in stone. I write when I can, but seem to be more prolific in the mornings and late at night. I am more of a pantser than a plotter. I tend to have bursts of creativity that are rough, and then I flesh it out over time.

5.  What advice would you give others who want to write?

Take the plunge. I wish I had submitted my work years earlier. You have to try in order to succeed or fail, but until you do you’ll never do either.


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Cover Reveal



Book Title: Light Beyond the Darkness

Author: Tami Lund

Genre: Paranormal

Release Date: April 27, 2015

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Book Blurb


In the third installment of the Lightbearer series, lightbearer Carley Santiago and shifter Reid Hennigan are running from their pasts. Hiding in the human world, they meet and sparks fly. But what happens when Carley’s past threatens to ruin her relationship with Reid?

Carley was once the premier chef for kings – the King of the Lightbearers, that is. But when her mate pushes her over a cliff and she miraculously survives, she flees her home, the coterie, knowing he will want to finish the job. She figures hiding in the human world is the best way to ensure her own safety.


While working as a chef at one of Chicago’s top restaurants, she meets Reid Hennigan, a lone shifter running from his own past. Carley tries to push him away – she wants nothing to do with anyone from the magical community – even a persistent shifter who insists he only wants to show her pleasure.

Reid Hennigan is another reject from Quentin Lyons’ defunct pack. When he received word his pack master was dead, Reid ran away from his pack, from pack life, having no interest in being forced to be subservient to another abusive pack master. Unfortunately for Reid, shifters are hardwired to desire to be part of a pack, and he finds himself wandering aimlessly through life, with no clear idea of what to do next. When he stumbles upon the shy lightbearer while eating the best steak of his life, he discovers a new lease on life.

Reid sets out to woo the beautiful, broken lightbearer. Passion turns to love, and Reid figures his life is pretty damn perfect, despite no longer having a pack. But Carley has secrets of her own, and her secrets.


“He sent it back?” Carley asked in disbelief.

Sara nodded. “He said he can tell you didn’t make it, and he refuses to eat anything from this kitchen that does not come specifically from you. He suggested you could come out and talk to him about it.”

Carley shook her head and rolled her eyes. She would just bet he was open to her going out into the dining room to talk to him.

“Tell him I’m not making steaks tonight. Tell him I’m focusing on the vegetarian dishes,” she said suddenly. She grinned when Sara walked away. That ought to teach him.

The waitress returned a moment later. “He wants the vegetarian special,” she said. “And the key lime pie.” She tilted her head and gave Carley a quizzical look. “What’s going on with you and that guy? I thought you said you didn’t know him?”

“I don’t,” Carley insisted. “I know…someone close to him,” she said. She knew Tanner and his mother, Ariana, Finn, and Lisa, the shifters who were currently living in what had once been Carley’s home, the lightbearers’ coterie. Whether this shifter knew them or not, she had no idea. But they were the same species. That meant he was closer to them than any other species, right?

She washed her hands and nudged Eric away from the vegetable station. “He wants our vegetarian special? I’ll make him a vegetarian special,” she announced, and she set to work chopping every damn type of vegetable she could find.

When Sara returned with the empty plate from the shifter’s table, she held it up for Carley’s inspection and said, “He wants to speak to you. He said he’ll summon the manager if you don’t go out there.”

Carley’s heart sank. The manager would undoubtedly force the issue, if it was brought to his attention. He saw no reason why his chef wouldn’t want to go out into the dining room and schmooze customers.

“Fine,” she grumbled as she sliced a wedge from one of the key lime pies she had made earlier in the day. She deliberately dropped it onto its side on the plate and didn’t add garnish before shoving a few strands of hair behind her ear and stomping out of the kitchen.

“Here,” she said as she unceremoniously dropped the plate onto the table.

The shifter gave the sloppy slice of pie a cursory glance before lifting his pale blue eyes and focusing so wholly onto Carley that she was certain he saw absolutely nothing else in the room at the moment. How could someone be that focused? She didn’t think she’d ever had anyone pay her such full attention in her life.

She fidgeted, nervously twisting her hands together before she realized what she was doing and clasped them behind her back. The shifter continued to stare at her.

“You owe me for that one, Carley.”

She visibly jerked at the sound of his voice, low and deep and smooth as whiskey.

“For what?” she asked, wondering how in the world he knew her name and for what she could possibly owe him. As far as she knew, she’d never met the man before yesterday.

“That dinner. As enticing as it was eating something with your magical stamp on it, forcing me to eat vegetables does not put me in a particularly good mood.”

She blinked owlishly. “I didn’t force you to eat vegetables.”

“You refused to make me a steak.”

“Sean’s steaks are practically as good as mine,” she protested.

“‘Practically’ isn’t yours.”

With a great deal of effort, she pulled her gaze away from his and made a swift perusal around the restaurant. All human, and none were paying them any particular attention, other than the ones she knew were listening at the door behind her.

“Do I know you?” she asked.

“Not yet,” he replied.

She frowned. “What is that supposed to mean?”

His voice pitched low. “It means I intend to get to know you, every inch of you, from the inside out. I intend to possess you. I intend to do things—” He reached for her, and she pulled away as if he was about to hit her. He froze, mid-reach and mid-sentence. And then he slowly lowered his hand.

“You’ve been abused,” he stated, matter-of-factly.

She shook her head, trying to deny it. Don’t go there. Don’t go there.

“Past lover?”

She shook her head again. How had the conversation turned to this?

“Family member then.”

“No,” she finally managed to get out.


“Stop,” she said as she lifted her hand, palm facing out. “Just stop. This is none of your business. I don’t know you. I don’t even know your name, and I have no idea how you know mine. I—” He cut her off.

“My name is Reid. And one of your employees referred to you by name yesterday, when I went into the kitchen to meet you.”

“Fine. Fine. Reid. Look, Reid, obviously you know what I am, and I know what you are. So can we just be honest with each other? What do you want from me?”

“I was in the middle of telling you when you flinched away as if you expected I would hit you.”

Carley blew out a breath. Damned instincts. But it was hard to change the only way she knew how to interact with men.

“I don’t know how you found me, but—”

“It was purely by accident.”

She drew in a ragged breath. “Fine. By accident. Whatever. Look, I’m trying to establish a nice, normal life here. One that doesn’t involve shifters or lightbearers or anyone else from the magical community for that matter. That means there isn’t any room in that nice, normal life for you. So the best thing for you to do is just finish up that key lime pie and go back to whatever pack you came from, okay?”

“I can’t go back,” he replied. “And it isn’t acceptable that you have no room in your life for me.”

Was he serious? She stared at him. He certainly looked serious. If he was joking, he was doing a damn fine job of acting deadpan. Too fine a job.

“I don’t understand,” she finally said.

“Which part?”

She flapped her hand. “All of it. What do you mean, it isn’t acceptable? Since when do you have any say in my life?”

“Since I entered it and decided I want you.”

She stared again, her jaw falling open. “You want—”



“Clearly it isn’t for your quick wit.”

She snapped her mouth shut and stabbed her finger at the restaurant entrance. “Get out of my restaurant. You can’t have me. Get out. Now.” She didn’t wait to see if he complied. She turned and stalked back into the kitchen with her head held stiffly, refusing to turn around and look at him again. She didn’t need to, to know he was watching her. Lights above, she could feel the intensity of his stare without having to look.

Just as soon as the kitchen door swung shut behind her, she leaned against the wall and took great, gasping breaths. Her entire body shook as if she was in shock. Hell, she probably was.

Someone thrust a glass into her hand. The stench of bourbon assaulted her nose.

“Drink,” Vivian commanded. Carley obediently drank, and then sputtered and gasped when the amber liquid slid down her throat.

“What did he do to you?” Vivian demanded, clearly having decided she was coherent enough to speak of the incident.

“Nothing,” Carley said.

“Well, what happened, then? You’re shaking like a leaf. Something scared the crap out of you. What was it?”

Carley shook her head, but Vivian was a tenacious human being. Finally, Carley admitted, “I’ve never stood up to a man like that before.”

Vivian looked at her as if she’d just sprouted an alien head. Carley shook her head again.

“My father—he wasn’t exactly the most loving parent. And I ended up in a really bad relationship,” she said, conscious of the fact that she’d never spoken of this to anyone, not since the day she left the coterie, five months ago. “I never had the option to say no.” She smiled, just a little. “It sort of felt good.”

“Hell yeah, it did,” Vivian said fiercely. But then she frowned. “Problem with those types, though, is that they generally see someone like you as a challenge.”

“What does that mean?” Carley asked in alarm.

“It means that I doubt this is the last we’ve seen of Mr. Rare Steak.”


Meet the Author

Tami Lund Headshot 2014


Tami Lund likes to live, love, and laugh, and does her best to ensure the characters in her books do the same. After they’ve overcome a few seemingly insurmountable obstacles first, of course.

When she’s not doing that, she’s a mom to two (growing far too fast) kids and a furbaby who conveniently forces her to exercise at least once a day. She’s also a wife to her own knight in shining armor who proposed in a way worthy of a romance novel.

Most of all, she loves to write. She figures it keeps her from going insane. Or at the very least, it keeps strangers from believing she is insane, because if she goes too long without writing the characters down on the computer, she tends to start talking to them. Out loud. Often, in public places.

Tami is multi-published, both self and with a few publishers, including Crimson Romance, Liquid Silver Books, and, (as of June 2015) Soul Mates Publishing.

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