Short Tease

“Do you trust me?”

Staring up into dark, intense eyes, she found herself unable to respond, nodding instead.

Full, supple lips tipped upward into a broad, seductive grin. “Mm, good.” The low, husky response caused her to shiver in anticipation.

woman blindfold-3After the blindfold was lowered, covering her eyes, she found herself straining to hear, to feel what came next. When the first touch came, she jumped in surprise, a squeaked, “Um,” falling from her lips.

In her mind’s eye, she followed the gentle caress of the teasing hand, moaning her approval when a pleasurable spot was discovered. Her senses heightened, she soon wanted more than soft touches.

“Please.” Came out as a breathy groan, as she raised her body, pressing against the wandering hand.

A slight chuckle. “Soon.” Hand-5

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